Class ArrayObject Not Found

Jeremy P

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This is something I had seen briefly before, but it's recently become a bigger problem.

Fatal error: Class 'ArrayObject' not found in /www/.../library/Zend/Registry.php on line 31
That class is from the SPL, which is being loaded correctly and appears in my phpinfo();

Every once in a while, that error will appear. I believe XCache is the culprit because removing it makes the issue go away. Has anyone come across this before? Is this some known XCache issue?

I've always liked XCache, but what would be the recommended alternative, APC?


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I saw this error today for the very first time. SPL was installed and running on the server.

At the time it happened, I was working in a .htaccess file, which I do not believe is related to the issue. I simply reverted what I did, but the error remained.

Any ideas as to what caused this, or how to work around it, and better yet, how to prevent it from happening again?