As designed  Child not displayed as sub-forum if Parent is at root (not underneath a category)


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This may be a known issue, or working as intended but ...

I created a forum [Input Devices] whose parent was (root node). When I added a child [Keyboard], it did not display as a sub-forum, but directly underneath as a separate forum:


When I changed the parent of [Input Devices] to a category (whose parent was root node), the child [Keyboard] correctly displayed as a sub-forum.

Parent: Testing Category (category is at root node level)


Is it a requirement to have forums underneath a category for the subs to display correctly, or is this a bug/oversight?

Shaun :D


Formerly CyclingTribe
Just to expand on this; my assumption was that a child would automatically become a sub-forum.


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This is basically a visual thing - we don't have any visual indication of a level 1 vs level 2 forum, so they show like that. They are structured as in the node tree though. You can distinguish them via the templates if you wish. If you have any thoughts of good ways to distinguish them (considering all the permutations that can come up :)), then let us know. Otherwise, this is basically as designed.