Charlie Sheen is thinking about running for President

Adam Howard

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It would indeed be comical and oddly enough... Sure, I'd vote for him.

Given all other options which have been laid before us and the poor selection to which so far we may have to choose from... We could do far worse then Charlie Sheen.

We've been needing someone who thinks "outside the box" and not just a little, but a few miles outside the box and I honestly think at this point, lets lay our chips down and go for broke.

Talking about a possible presidential run -- Sheen defeated Obama amongst GOP voters in the same polls as his victories of Palin
So oddly enough... I'm not alone in the idea. I can not argue that the general idea may sound crazy at first, but we could do far worse.


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I guess all the former drug addicted 70's flower children would surely vote for Charlie, only if he could bring back the glory days of the 70's, but sadly those good times are gone forever and even Charlie can't bring them back.


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He could get my vote if he gave me a weeks vacation in an ocean front condo with all the frills, you know, unlimited bags of ......, dancing girls, platinum credit cards, so I could see how Hollywood stars party.


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I'm not sure how bankruptcy work, don't you end up not having to pay all your debts?
depends on which chapter bankruptcy he filed. But you still have to rebuild your credit, and good faith with new creditors. The bankruptcy stays on your credit record for a minimum of 10 years.