Changing style for the session only


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Suppose I've one style for the iPhone and one for regular browsing. I remember that in VB there was a particular syntax so that appending something like ?stile=1 to the url, let you see the board with a different theme.

In any case this style change is valid only for that session. If you enter in your account from another computer you can still see the forum with the regular style.

Is it possible to do the same with Xenforo?

Jake Bunce

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It's worth noting that styleid URLs in vB write that preference to a browser cookie such that the style preference only persists within that one browser.

xenForo writes the preference to the user record when you visit a styleid URL. So the preference will persist for that user account even if you change browsers.

Here is an example of a styleid URL in xenForo:

You will notice another difference when you click this link. xenForo asks the user to confirm the change in preference. vB does not.


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In fact my question was aimed for a mobile style. In this case I'll wait for a release. I've seen Xenstop and it's very good but without a mobile switch is less usable...