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XF 1.2 Changing forum to a category

Code Monkey

Well-known member
I see no direct way to change an existing forum to a category. Is there something I am missing or what is the best way to do this directly in the database if there is no admin option?

I would like to get rid of that pesky empty thread box without losing the existing category id links.


Well-known member
Easiest would be to delete the forum, recreate the new one, and change IDs in the database. Then rebuild your caches.

Code Monkey

Well-known member
Well it worked fine. Thanks

One interesting note though. I have a route filter on the original forum node. Even though I deleted that forum node and moved all subforums to the new category node, with the id of the original forum node id, a link to the url that is listed in the route controller still displays it like it did when it was a forum node and not a cat node.