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XF 1.3 Changing board numbers to names?


Well-known member
Am currently importing a vb3 to XF, would like to keep existing board URLs as names, ie:


However, the import appears to keep forum URL's as numbers.

I can't find a way to edit the forum URL to a name, like when you create a one from new in the node tree.

So I've tried to use route filters to do this, but I appear to be doing something wrong:

replace: forum/38/ with: forum/general-discussion/

Any advice appreciated! :)


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Home --> Options --> Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Include Content Title in URLs
With this disabled, a URL such as /threads/my-thread.128/ would exclude the title and be output as /threads/128/


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Cheers for the reply, Fred!

The only thing is, I only want the forums themselves to have content titles, ie, /general-discussion/ while leaving posts and threads as just ID's.

I'm just not sure how to edit the forums to names.