XF 1.1 Changed folder -> site no longer working


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I have moved my site from testsite.com/xenForoTestsite to newdomain.com The database is the same and all files have been copied to the new domain. Its all on the same server and I have changed the url in admin settings.

The problem is that I cant get it to work on the new site, it just says website not fould when I for example go to newdomain.com/forum/ but if I change it so that I dont use friendly URLs and enter newdomain.com/index.php?forum/ it just works!

Any idea what I am missing? Its probably something simple I just cant figure out what it is.
I have already done that. I have also checked that the new folder has the same amount of files and the same size.

Its very strange, every thing should be the same (same server, same database, same files) just another location.
Thanks. I think the problem is with my host, I have moved the files to another folder on another domain on the same server and it also work there, just not on the newly createt site. So I will call them in the morning.
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