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Category strips


Active member

I seem to have 2 catagory strips for each section on my forum. (see pic or go to my forum here: http://www.348-409.com/forum/index.php?)

On my old VB forum, I had the "Announcements" & "Discussions", etc category strips as shown but during the changover, it added the strips below each of these.

I tried to remove the extra strip but all I can do is remove the one with the wording and not the blank one. I need one of these gone but want to keep the wording.

Any ideas?




Active member
Can you do a screenshot of your node structure?
Ok, here it is. I had to do 2 pics to get it all in. Notice the bottom section, "Groups and albums" is a new section that Xen added and that one shows correctly with only 1 strip.

P.S. Have to leave now but will check in later.




XenForo moderator
Staff member
All of your nodes are in the root.

You need to move them into categories.

Change the parent of the respective forums (and categories) as required.