Can't Get CSS Template To Work

Anthony Parsons

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What am I doing wrong with getting a new css template to compile?

I created a new template and new css matching template, included the css template into the template via <xen:edithint template="" />

The template shows in the header position, being a mimicked version of the Flexile header right content box. The style properties I created register correctly within the .css template as supposed to. But for the life of me, I can't get the .css to the browser in 1.1 beta4. The template renders, but its css template doesn't.

If I cut the css out of the template and into the extra.css, it works correctly, but I shouldn't have to do that.

Do I need to do something special in order to get the .css template to compile as part of the xenforo.css?


the edithint tag is only a "helper" for devs.

if you use xen:require or xen:include , the template parser will include the template
if you use xen:edithint, the parser will ignore this.

It will show the IDE (if it supports this) and the xf template editor, that the template inside the edithint is "related"(sorry don't know any better word for this:D ) to the template which you're editing.

hope it helps and i'm not writing ********^^



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Spot on ragtek.

The "edithint" tag is used to give a hint to the IDE about related templates when you are editing via WebDAV. Editors like Dreamweaver will pre-fetch those related templates when you open a particular template for editing.
It's used by the editor in the admin CP too, to add additional tabs. Generally speaking, edithint is only used for stuff that you would logically want to edit (eg, something that could be 2 levels of includes down) or something that was already included globally (such as the header CSS).