Cannot Post > Too Many Characters error

Ryan Kent

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I tried to copy/paste a post and was unable to because the post contained too many characters.

I went to an online character counter, determined the post had 30,440 characters. I changed my Maximum Message Length to 40,000 just so I could submit this post. Then I received an error stating I could not submit the message because it has more then 40k characters. I bumped the Max Msg Length to 50k, same issue.

I tried another online character counter and confirmed the 30,440 character count. This message contains no images, only text. Is this a bug?

Link to article:

I copied the text beginning with Keywords and ending at the bottom with World info.


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Are you using the WYSIWYG editor or the plain text editor?

Try switching to plain text to remove any formatting tags.

Ryan Kent

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You offer great wisdom!

The links to the many keywords were huge containing a long Google Translate URL. I removed them and the post saved just fine.