XF 1.1 Bug in Apache 2.2.23 killed SEO


Any time users tried viewing any content pages they'd get a 404 error.

Upon some discovery, my host upgraded to Apache 2.2.23 and it botched SEO on my XF install.

Has anyone else encountered this? For the time being I still have SEO turned off but it's killing my guest traffic. I believe the fix is to change "RewriteBase /" to "RewriteBase /community/" but I'm not certain. Any input is appreciated.
Could you explain it a bit in more detail? My site generated a ton of 404 errors too and ranking dropped. Maybe I need to look into this a bit in more detail as well.
That's pretty much all the detail I have. The link in the original post explains the issue.

I just noticed that any time I tried to navigate to any part of the forum other than /community, I'd get a 404 as did all of my users. Tapatalk/ForumRunner still worked with no issues. As soon as I turned off SEO, it started working again but guest traffic is 25% of what it was.
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