Border problem in Sub Forum



I have added borders into my own Design and recognized now, that these borders are also in the Subforum´s overview. It looks a bit strange because of the missing blue thead. First i thought to add the categoryStrip to the top but i think it looks just better without everything.
I have tried quit a lot but i have no idea anymore how i can get rid of the left/right borders just in the subforum overview.
Can be watched here.
I am grateful for any help


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The overview you're refering to, are they the parts that say "Heisser geht´s nicht" and "Meldungen aus der Kinobranche" ?

You could try
.node .nodeInfo blockquote.nodeDescription { border: none;}
That should be specific enough for those parts.



Yes. Its the Part with "Hot News" and "Ticker" in it.
If i knew which template this is.....


Well, if i am right its the node_forum_level_2 Template, but it looks like as if the Templates are sticked together, if i do some changes, it changes everything everywhere and my php knowledge isnt that good.....

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In the default style the level1 and level2 forums are the same. But you can edit this template to change that:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> node_forum_level_1

In the default style it simply looks to the level2 template:

<xen:include template="node_forum_level_2" />
But you can remove that line and paste the entire contents of node_forum_level_2 into there. Now you can make them different. I recommend specifying the border in an extra CSS class that you define in EXTRA.css, then add that class name only to node_forum_level_2 and not node_forum_level_1. I think that will achieve the desired effect.