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bluepearl-skins.com - XenForo Skins

Sean James

Well-known member
Bluepearl Skins are happy to announce we released our first premade premium XenForo Skins.

Skins can be purchased from our store

Screenshots attached are from some of our XenForo Skins

All skins updated to 1.0.4

** 15th July 2011 Future is now available **






Live Eloquent demo:
Eloquent, EloquentBlue, EloquentGreen, EloquentRed

Live bTech demo:
bTechBlue, bTechBrown, bTechPurple, bTechGreen, bTechRed

Live BP-Black demo:
BP-Black, BP-BlackBlue, BP-BlackRed, BP-BlackGreen, BP-BlackOrange, BP-BlackYellow, BP-BlackCyan, BP-BlackLime, BP-BlackPink, BP-BlackPurple, BP-BlackSienna

Live BP-white demo
BP-White, BP-WhiteBlue, BP-WhiteRed, BP-WhiteGreen, BP-WhiteOrange, BP-WhiteBlack, BP-WhiteCyan, BP-WhiteLime, BP-WhitePink, BP-WhitePurple, BP-WhiteSienna

Live Future Demo
FutureBlack, FutureBlue, FutureGreen, FuturePink, FutureRed

Skins can be purchased from our store

We sell multiple colors of our skins in 1 package, so you only have to pay one price for all colors.
Our skins sell for $29.99 with 1 year of free updates and a yearly renewal of $14.99. You dont have to renew and can use the skins as long as you want. The renewal is for updates.

Click here to view our free XenForo Skins

Sean James

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Definately, Working on them as we speak. Plan to release light skins towards the end of next week or early the following week.
Have 3 weeks annual leave coming my way which I am very excited about. To relax, skin and unfortunately gardening lol


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Very nice i actually love the look of dark skins but unfortunately my members are not to fond of them.. Looking forward to seeing your first release of something light..


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Wow I like it. Very nice skins, quite different.

My only gripe is............ why do you designers put out dark skins first? :(
I was just now thinking that.. very frustrating lol. I wouldve bought one from themesinc back then if they had a light skin, and same with bluepearl... the designs look great but I couldnt use that on my forum :(

Sean James

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Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.
Currently working on some custom skins but once they are completed sometime over the weekend I will resume work on my premade XenForo white skins.


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Not a fan of dark skins so won't be using those but they're very nice and I can't wait for your bright colour releases.


My members are just the opposite! I'd love to have lighter themed skins, but they like the dark ones.


Sean! Wonderful to see some of my old favorites for XenForo. I'll definitely be looking them over in the near future.

Best Regards,

Stormwolfe (Lindsay at your site)


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I have used several skins before when i was using vbulletin, very nice stuff.
Good to see quality skins being released for xenforo


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I'm like the other comments. I'm not a big fan of dark themes, but these are looking very nice.
Can't wait to see a light theme from you.


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Although dark styles aren't my thing, this one doesn't bother me as much as some other dark skins did. I might actually like it :D Welcome to XenForo, I'll keep my eyes on your light sins :)

Sean James

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Sean James

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