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Blank Style

Discussion in 'Styling and Customization Questions' started by brendanc, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. brendanc

    brendanc Active Member

    Been a while since I've posted on the xF forums. I'm appalled that vB/IB are still suing, but it makes sense, given the state of their products and how awful vB5 is turning out to be.

    ANYWAY, my question is this: is there a blank style or an easy way to clear out all the css for the default theme so that I can write my own CSS in a single file?

    Basically, I want to completely reskin my boards, but I don't want to miss features coming up in newer versions. I don't need to be able to use the theme editor and style editors because once the theme (the CSS) is done, there will be only incremental changes and it's easier for me as a developer to make them directly to the CSS file in my favorite editor. I'm just wondering if there's a good way to go about stripping down the default theme or if it has already been done before.

    If you need clarification, let me know!
  2. CyclingTribe

    CyclingTribe Well-Known Member

    Just put your changes into the EXTRA.css template (which is not overwritten at upgrade).
  3. brendanc

    brendanc Active Member

    That's the thing... I want to completely wipe out the CSS in the theme and start with a blank slate (I just want the markup). My reasoning is thus:
    • I don't want to override everything.
    • I don't want the overhead of all the overridden css.
    • I don't want to have to put !important at the end of all my css rules
    • I *want* to use my own code editor via SFTP and not WEBDAV.
  4. Jake Bunce

    Jake Bunce XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    If you create a new style with no parent then it will be a default style (uncustomized). Is that what you want?
  5. brendanc

    brendanc Active Member

    I just want to strip out all the CSS from the theme. Since there are a ton of CSS "templates" in the editor, I wanted to know if there is a quick way to do it, or if it has already been done.
  6. MagnusB

    MagnusB Well-Known Member

    You can quickly filter out all the CSS files by going to Templates and put .css in the search field. At least it is a quick way to find them all, though you still have to manually empty them.
  7. brendanc

    brendanc Active Member

    Ok, thanks.
  8. Russ

    Russ Well-Known Member

    You do know by just "wiping out the css" you'll end up with craigslists ugly step sister right? It'll be hard next to impossible to backtrack all the written code. I'd suggest sticking to Style Properties and EXTRA.CSS,
  9. brendanc

    brendanc Active Member

    Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm quite comfortable writing all the necessary CSS for my template. I am purposefully removing all the CSS so that I do have something without any styling.
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