blank pages

Hi, I have just updated plesk on my server and now all my pages have gone blank and when i tr to get into admi it try's to download a file, it does this with any page i put in manually.

I've been at this trying to find a fix for the last 6 hrs and have to go out now, any advice greatly appreciated.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
PHP is not working on your server. The files are not executing. Instead the raw code is showing.

Contact your host or server person about this. Or if you are the one managing the server then make sure PHP is installed properly.
Cheers Jake, I tried reinstalling php but everything went tits up, I'm going to start from scratch again as it seems the easier and quickest option as I've wasted enough of my time allready.
Thats not xenforos fault but my own through tinkering with the server.