Lack of interest Better WYSIWYG positioning of attahments/images

Neutral Singh

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In wordpress, we have really cool feature which allow us to align the images anywhere in the post and also resize the images to fit the scheme of the things.

It would be awesome if XF could incorporate something like this... the current setup in vB (3.8.x) is elementary with attachment images being shown ugly at the bottom of the posts without any option to change the look and feel.

For example, what i have achieved by template modifications:



XenForo moderator
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Text can be wrapped around images and other elements by using float tags for example.
The size of those images can also be set using width and height BB Code.

It's not as user friendly as a dynamic drag and drop system but it works.

I doubt anything like this will be in 1.0, or even a few releases later.

Stuart Wright

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Can I ask that the positioning of images and attachments is improved so that we can present posts like proper blog or news items?
The ability to drag and drop images in order to justify them (ideally with a 5px margin) to position nicely in the text will improve the readability.


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Mike had this to say about floating containers in posts before:

In general, this is float containment. There are a load of different approaches:

We usually use... overflow: hidden; zoom: 1;
Though it does have some caveats, that you're not likely to run into.

Effectively, every float containment approach has unexpected side effects and is thus going to cause problems. (This is why adding floats in posts is a challenge.)

John B

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Thanks for your fast reply, Brogan.

OK, did all that. But... Image floats right but text doesn't wrap around the image. It's also very unwieldy in the edit box.

Is there no easy way to do this like WP, for example? I'd like it to be easy for members to align images in their posts.
I create a post and have [float="right"] pic attached [/float] then have my text here.

The image floats right fine, but the text doesn't wrap. It's underneath the image.