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Best way to work with a CMS

I'm just curious to know, what's best way of working with a CMS & xenForo. I don't want to put it in an iframe, but I'd like to get it to play nice (with Drupal). Login integration is not necessary, but I'd like to see xenForo appear within the existing layout (if possible).

Is there a preferred method?


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There is no Drupal Bridge. If you don't need login integration you just have to port your xenforo style to your Drupal. I have made the same with Joomla, ported XenForo CSS and HTML5 to Joomla and now it looks like an epic XenForo CMS (and it's even faster than the forum) (y)
I don't need login integration, but I would like the forum to aesthetically and from an URL perspective look like it's inside the Drupal site. Luxus, have you got a link to the work you did? Would love to see it.