Best SEO forum?


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Anyone know any really good SEO forums? I need to discuss some ideas and fancy getting other people's thoughts on them.


BHW is far from the "best" ;)
It's always good to read what others have said, but I would never put that forum on a list of "must read" SEO sites.
It's a good site if you want stolen apps and other warez. ;)
You can collapse Blackhat, Download forums and leave it only Whitehat forums.
I assure you that every other forums grab info from BHW forum.
Even Matt Cutts hate BHW :)


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Well,According to me that SEO is the best source of the internet marketing.Internet
marketing is critical to any business. You are not going to get people to come to
your website unless you promote it and let them know that it’s there.So it is the best
for ranking of the sites in google....


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The ammount of wrong / fake information on SEO forums makes me avoid them alltogether.

I prefer to look at google developer blogs etc.