Best Designer / Developer tools & Apps ?

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Hey guys,

I just wanted to see what other designers / developers are using in terms of Apps / programs.. I just saw "Coda" which is a paid text editor / advanced editor and i must say it looks great but i was hoping that others here could provide a list of free apps that come close to having all those features.

I get by with the following:

- Wampserer
- Photoshop
- Notepad++ (Never really looked into the addons)
- Filezilla
- PicPick

I am just trying to find out if i am missing out on anything since not being very active for a good year really and am hoping to improve my work output.

Please note: Ive been out of action for quite some time due to some health issues but am getting back to being a 24/7 designer / webmaster again.

Regards, Darren


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Sublime Text 2 - text editor, using it on both Mac and Windows
CyberDuck - FTP and WebDav client, using it on both Mac and Windows
Photoshop - duh
FileMerge / WinMerge - file comparison tools
Git - command line version control system used by almost everyone these days. See

I'm staying away from *AMPP servers. It is very easy to setup server software separately without using bundle. It gives full control over configuration and ability to easily switch versions of PHP as needed.
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I personally run with Notepad++ (and use it via CrossOver on OS X on the rare occasions I'm on OS X), TortoiseSVN, WinMerge and WinSCP... I only ever break out FileZilla if I'm working on someone else's site and they don't have SFTP (since I use it exclusively on mine)


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Mediachance's RealDRAW Pro is a must for me for designing logos, txts etc etc..

Filezilla or LeapFTP