BBCode tags appearing in Google search results


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Hey guys,

My site has been live for about a week now and I see results seeping through into google which is great. But then I noticed some of the results are not very user friendly. I dont think anything I have is setup wrong so I assume its an XF bug? i am not sure, I would like peoples input first before I post it as a bug, cheers.

The link in the example is


Digital Doctor

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ddmmh: can you investigate and see if this applies to Jaxel's BBcode [wiki] ?
That might help out KingK.

Can you change the Title to include the issue: have the word BBcode in it ?

Digital Doctor

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Is there any good reason why someone can't change a title a few minutes after making it ?
I don't get it.

I also notice that Follow up posts don't have titles.
Does that make titles more important than ever ?


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There is a problem with the BB tags itself rather then a problem with BBCM. Removing the underscores from the tag FLOAT_LEFT, FLOAT_RIGHT seems to be ok at least in the Xenforo search results. It works fine for me.