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Simply put, at the moment, the "you have been banned" page just lists the reason you've been banned. Would it be possible to put a "Your ban expires on [Ban Expiration Date]" message on there? I'm sure you've already pulled it out of the database, otherwise the board software wouldn't be able to tell whether or not you were still banned.

Being left wondering how long I've got to wait for my ban to expire, if it ever will, is extremely annoying, especially since the only way I can tell whether or not it has expired is by activating Private Browsing Mode and trying to log in, since it's impossible to log out manually while banned (so the only way to do is by deleting the relevant cookies).

On that note, allowing the "Log out" button to work while banned rather than redirecting to the "You have been banned page" would also be pretty nice.
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As a forum operator, I do not support your suggestion to implement a logout button, regardless of what other mitigations there are in place to get around that issue.

I do think it's a reasonable, though, to suggest a ban expiry time to be displayed when you're banned. That is a good suggestion.

EDIT: As is customary with suggestions I have liked your post. But: It's in support of the ban timer - not the log out button.
Didnt vB have a plugin that made it impossible for banned members to log out?? now that would be useful.
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