Lack of interest Backup and Restore from within the ACP

This is one of the features I really liked about phpbb3. From within the admin control panel, you could backup your entire site with two clicks, and (after uploading the backup in ftp) either restore the backup or make a duplicate site with just another two clicks, all without knowing a single thing about databases or using any third party stuff. I would love to see this added.


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I have no issues with a backup being available from within the product or any product that relies on a database. But you should not have to rely on the software itself to restore the database. Either a stand alone script provided by the maker of the software, or using the RDBMS software itself to restore the script.
It would be very awkward to tell someone to restore a database via the admin panel, and then what happens if it fails? Now the current install is botched, and you still have restored the backup.
Awkward?? Restoring via the ACP is extremely easy in Phpbb3. You upload the backup, and click twice in the maintenance tab.

And nothing prevents you from backing up and restoring normally either...


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He's suggesting the issues surround failure, as they do tend to fail a bit. The techniques that might help them succeed more easily are actually ones that could create different (and worse) failures, counter-intuitively.
Well, you would know, so I'll take your word for it. Me, I'm completely at a loss it comes to this sort of thing. All I know is that the system used by Phpbb3 was easier.


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If you have access to cPanel it's only a few extra clicks to take a backup.

cPanel -> phpMyAdmin -> Database -> Export -> Go
Hrm, hope you don't mind me sorta turning this into a help thread, but since you're both her and on the topic...

I just use the default settings for exporting, then import without changing anything? Will this work for importing it into a different database and directory without changing anything within the backup? Right now I'm trying to duplicate my xenforo site so I can test out addons and template changes.

Sorry to be a complete noob, all my previous transfers have used ACP import options, and when I wanted a complete backup I just used the Cpanel backup wizard.


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If you have access to cPanel it's only a few extra clicks to take a backup.

cPanel -> phpMyAdmin -> Database -> Export -> Go
Sorry Brogan,there is a big chance that it is going to fail with large databases.(timeout)