XF 1.5 Awaiting email confirmation (from edit) - what does this mean?


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On our forum we verify all applications and only let certain job roles have access e.g. Managers and Senior Managers.

Sometimes other job roles apply e.g. Receptionists. We then need to get the OK from their manager in order for them to have access. So we would like to put these applications into a different 'queue'. Is this where 'Awaiting email confirmation (from edit)' would work well?

Currently we put these applications into the 'Email invalid (bounced)' category, however, this then causes problems as those users try to login and then see that their email is 'invalid' when it isn't!

Hoping 'Awaiting email confirmation (from edit)' will solve this but wanted to check first.



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I believe this happens when a user edits their email address and the forum is waiting on them to verify the new email account by clicking on a link in the email.

If you are manually setting this status, you will probably need to get the users to click a "resend confirmation email" link on the forum so they will receive the confirmation email.