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XF 1.3 Avatars missing after moving host

I just moved to a new host. It seems everything is working but the avatars are missing.
They are there in the file structure, but just not showing up. What is wrong? Do I need to rebuilding a cache or something in Xenforo? Is it a permission setting I need to change?
I appreciate any help!

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
Those directories are already set to 777. Avatars are still not showing up.
I'm using Filezilla, do I need to check Recurse into Subdirectories (File and directories)?
All files/directories under /data and /internal_data need to be either 777 or sometimes 755 (depends on server settings).... so if they are not already then yes, you need to recursively set them to 777.
I don't use FileZilla (do all my stuff via SSH/SFTP) but from what I read there is an option to select the directory, the permissions and then have them done recursively - which is what is needed.
Whoa, I think I got it fixed!

I didn't have permission to change any of those files, It would just say: 550 could not change perms
So I deleted them all and uploaded them again from a backup I made right BEFORE moving servers.
Then I was able to change ALL files to 777, I think it's working now.

Weird, But I hope this helps someone else in the future!
THANKS everyone!