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Avatar Size in Postbit


Active member
Is there a way of making the postbit avatars display larger than the standard size?

I have made my postbit 10px wider, so I added this to my extra.css:
.avatar .img.m {height: 106px; width: 106px;
Now, this made the avatar HOLDER 10px wider and taller.. but it just makes that additional space a white space, it doesn't make the medium avatar itself any bigger to fill the space...

Any help on this?


Well-known member
EDIT: Sorry I thought you were talking about the membercard...I need to read slower.

What size do you want them to be?

What size is the avatar?


Active member
damn thats lame :( i needed to make my bit just a tad wider as some user's names are going into a second line since it isn't wide enough