XF 1.4 avatar bug

hi, on my site i got a bug with avatars, i recenetly changed domains and servers and now new members who try to change their avatars are broken, people who already had avatars are unable to change them, they just stay the same, please can you try help me. all permissions are correct.


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Check that the /data and /internal_data directory permissions are 0777, recursively.

Then try uploading an avatar.


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It's going to be either a permission, ownership or configuration issue.

If you have confirmed the permissions are OK then check the ownership.


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Ownership would be referring to the (Linux) user that owns the files. You likely can't change that though (without root). It's very likely a permission issue though. You need to ensure the permissions are set recursively on those directories (every directory and every file within).

If that's still a problem, can you provide a URL where we can see the problem? (On a side note, you need to list the URL to your site in your customer area.)
otherwise i can open up teamviewer so u can fix it all :) than u have fully access to everything, i got this problem for like so long now. i dont know what to do :(


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You appear to be using an add-on related to some sort of avatar gallery.
You should have made that clear from the start.

You will need to contact the developer of the add-on for support.


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What OS are U using?

CentOS 7 or Debian 8? And do you use php-fpm?
It might be a problem with PrivateTmp

I also had issues with that.
Now I have PrivateTmp=false in php-fpm and that works perfect.

Or anything that checks the files on upload might be a possible problem.