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Can users check the attachments without downloading them? Like a preview or something similar ?

No, if your referring to here (resources) you'll have to be a licensed holder of the xf product.

Edit: Sorry just realised what area you posted in.

With regards to attachments and i read your post correctly the attachment system can't distinguish between file types so image previews are no exception. Sorry if I still mis-read your question.


sorry i probably didnt explain with much (or any) details.

I started a forum where i post attachments, each post might have more than 1 attachment. I want users to be able to see the attachment, even a smaller version of it without the need to download the file. I want them to check the attachment while they read my posts. Yea you might know which one is which from the name, but other than that, it is difficult to find out which attachment you should open first etc.

i hope it is more clear what i want to achieve now. :)