XF 2.2 Article View - Customer user fields display?

Hi guys!

Looking for a bit of help as usual! I have tried to find the correct templete file or even css code, but I can't! :rolleyes:

Is there any way on 'article view' to show a users custom user fields and/or signature like they show in normal thread view?

As you can see from the picture below, custom user fields and signature are missing?

Any help much appreciated!



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This isn't your exact solution, as it may require adding code in a different location, however, it may get you on the right track.

You will need to do a template modification on post_article_macros.

Then add you custom user fields to macro name="author_info"

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Managed to find in that template where I wanted to show the custom user fields. I seem to have to add them sperate so I can style them correctly. But I used this...

<li><dl class="pairs pairs--inline"> <dt>{{ $user.Profile.custom_fields.getDefinition('YOURCUSTOMFIELDNAME').title }}</dt> <dd>{$user.Profile.custom_fields.YOURCUSTOMFIELDNAME}</dd> </dl></li>

Edit: But now I notice this field will show if the use has filled it in or not. How do I hide it if the use didn't fill it in?

For such a basic setting this really need to be in the settings menu like it is for normal posts. Very frustrating!
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Sorry for the late reply @Brogan !

Not being so clued up, how would I implement that in the code below?
<li><dl class="pairs pairs--inline"> <dt>{{ $user.Profile.custom_fields.getDefinition('YOURCUSTOMFIELDNAME').title }}</dt> <dd>{$user.Profile.custom_fields.YOURCUSTOMFIELDNAME}</dd> </dl></li>


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<li><dl class="pairs pairs--inline">
<dt>{{ $user.Profile.custom_fields.getDefinition('YOURCUSTOMFIELDNAME').title }}</dt>
Oh that simple....:D:unsure:

Thank you, very much appreciate the help with this. I try and help myself as much as possible, but it's not my strong point sometimes when it comes to things like this.