Are smilies saved when you export/import a style?


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I am currently customising a test forum and will be exporting the finalised style, so when I start over again "for real" with my live vB conversion, I can just import that style into a fresh XF install.

It would be helpful if I can add all my extra smilies (and replace the standard ones) on my test installation to save me doing it after the conversion and on a live site.

However this is pointless if smilies are not saved with the style. So my question is: Will any changes to the smilies and any new ones added, be saved with the exported stye? So all I have to do when that style is imported to the new install is to remember to upload the corresponding graphic files?



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Smilies are not part of the style, they sit one level above and are common to all styles.

You can configure the smilies before or after you import the style on the other installation, importing a style won't affect them.