Anyone ever have an account hacked?

Jeff Fuqua

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I had a strange thing happen on my forum yesterday. A user who had been registered for the last two months and posted a few normal comments posted a porn image with a link to a porn site under it.

I quickly deleted the image and banned/discouraged the member. However, I'm thinking about contacting him to see if he actually did this or if someone hacked into his account since this seems very random and not the usual spam post.

Anyone have any experience with a single account being hacked? I've not had any other such posts recently.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
It may be a legitimate spammer. Some spam accounts are sleepers.

Or some one may have gotten his password. Email him to confirm.

Jeff Fuqua

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I emailed him but no reply yet. I find it strange he'd sleep for two months and actually create a custom avatar and join in a few conversations which were relevant.

I'm very curious as this is the first time it's happened in my 13 years of running a message board.


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I think if he's joined in conversations with relevant responses he's probably had his account compromised in some way, or maybe he's just having a bad day and wanted to relieve his stress and talk about porn.