Any Walking Dead fanatics around?


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I think all of my lady friends who watch the show cried like babies in the last 10 minutes of it. I will say, Rick did a lackluster job of acting upset... hahaha.


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I had predicted TDog was done. He just didn't have a "role", nor was he really hooked to any other character.

Sage Knight

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Man Lori's final acting was OUTCLASS.

This episode was a really good one, packed with hardcore action.

I also agree, Rick could have done a better job in crying, lmao. But overall it was a really touching and good episode.

FYI: Guys try not to tell me what's going on in the comic, I want to enjoy the live action to the core.


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The show is excellent, can't wait to watch the current season I'm hearing good things on twitter about it so eagerly awaiting to watch it.