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Animated Avatars

Discussion in 'XenForo Questions and Support' started by Gabby, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Gabby

    Gabby Well-Known Member

    Ok so I checked a few posts on this and they are way over my head. Can anyone tell me how to allow my memberw to upload animated avatars? Hope it's easy and not a template or sever thingy. :confused: I;m hoping it's just a button I have to press. LOL

    Thank you.
  2. melbo

    melbo Well-Known Member

    On my site, the avatars are only animated when you open the Member Card (by clicking on an avatar). I've seen some sites that have them working but I've never looked into how. One of my Likes of XF was the clean posting with less 'junk' for distraction.

    Oh yeah, IGN has animated avatars - but they are very obnoxious (to me).
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  3. RobinHood

    RobinHood Well-Known Member

    You need to have the PHP extention ImageMagick installed on your server and have it selected as the Default Image Processor in the ACP -> Options -> Attatchments page.


    Then when you upload your gif it converts it to every avatar size so it will remain animated all over the site. I just spent the evening trying to get it work on my site, looks good :)
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  4. Gabby

    Gabby Well-Known Member

    Thank you Robinhood. So if I do this, does this, my member will be able to upload gif images as avatars?
  5. melbo

    melbo Well-Known Member

    From Kier
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  6. RobinHood

    RobinHood Well-Known Member

    Yep :)

    Yep, I meant imagick, which is the extension for php, ImageMagick is the image processing module (as I learnt from Qwk86k earlier!)
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  7. Gabby

    Gabby Well-Known Member

    Ok thank you . I don't think I have that though.
  8. RobinHood

    RobinHood Well-Known Member

    If it's not installed ask your hosting provider if they can install it for you. If you look on the thread I linked you should be able to see images where you can tell if it's installed by looking at your PHP Config
  9. Gabby

    Gabby Well-Known Member

    I see your pic blinking. Does that mean it is installed?
  10. RobinHood

    RobinHood Well-Known Member

    Which pic?
  11. Gabby

    Gabby Well-Known Member

    the one in the post
  12. melbo

    melbo Well-Known Member

    I don't see no blinky
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  13. RobinHood

    RobinHood Well-Known Member

    Are you talking about the first post in this thread? If so, no, that's just a gif that user uploaded to the post.

    I was talking about info like in Kier's post where you can check if the extension is installed on your server by checking the PHP Congif so that your users can use it.

    I'd recommend opening a ticket with your hosting provider asking if they relevent bits are installed

    Or just head to ACP-> Options -> Attatchments and see if the ImageMagick radio button is selectable.

  14. evo

    evo Member

    ok, I have imagick installed, and selected in the admin system, but it only ever shows a single frame from the gif I upload, doesn't matter where, every instance of the avatar is still. It uploads ok but it's never animated.

    php 5.3.10
    imagic 3.1.0RC1
    ImageMagick 6.6.9-7 2012-08-17 Q16
  15. evo

    evo Member

    Can anyone help?
  16. Jeremy P

    Jeremy P Well-Known Member

    Does the same for me and has forever. I think XF's implementation is buggy.
  17. evo

    evo Member

    I'm back. Does anyone have a clear cut way to get this actually working? Would really like some support.
  18. Gambleru

    Gambleru Member

    Same here, everything installed, imagick ON in the options, reuploading of the avatars does not help.
    same versions of php & imagick as evo.
  19. Valter

    Valter Active Member

    Switched to different hosting, now newly uploaded avatars are not animated in posts.

    PHP Version 5.3.27
    imagick module version => 3.1.2
    ImageMagick 6.5.4-7 2014-02-10 Q16 OpenMP
  20. Puntocom

    Puntocom Well-Known Member

    I see animated avatars only clicking them... how can I show them in normal posts?

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