AdminCP random logouts - Google Chrome

Adam Howard

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This is going to be a little hard to explain, but I hope someone looks into it.

This is an issue that as far as I can tell is only affecting Google Chrome. And it's sort of random in that it happens sometimes and sometimes not at all. But it's not just my site alone, because I've tested on 6 others site's I help manage (so we're talking difference configurations on all).

I suspect the backend (admincp) is different than the front end (forum) in regards to how logins are processed, but do not know how. All I know is periodically when using Google Chrome, it seems sometimes you'll be repeatedly logged out.

It's very random and that is what has me puzzled. I've ruled out my own home setup, because I've switched PC's and OS's (Windows, Ubuntu). Though notably it does happen more on Ubuntu.


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Do you have any caching mechanism on these websites? This happened to me with xCache/Litespeed until I played with some configurations.

Chris D

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Yes, more accurately it's session based. So anything that could cause a new session to be created. IP changing is certainly one. When working on AVForums their PHP My Admin and FTP is protected which requires me to access it using a VPN.

Once I disconnect their VPN while logged into their Admin CP, I have to re-login to their Admin CP.

Liam W

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When I was using giffgaff and tethering, my IP changed constantly.

I always got logged out of sites... It turned me mental. Thankfully I left them before I came to XF, but its a good job I did.

Sorry, this isn't really related to anything.

Adam Howard

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I posted this under the bugs for a reason.

While this does affect my site, it also affects a few others as well. The configurations on all of them are completely different.. ie.. Some of them use cache (mine for example) and some of them do not. Some of them are on vps / dedicated (mine for example) and some of them are on shared host.

There is no common factor.

My IP address that I use is fairly static.

And finally, this only happens on Google Chrome.


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.htaccess keeps asking for password
Similar issue however it has nothing to do with the ACP login as this member is not staff and has no Admin login credentials. Also my .htaccess is stock except for a www. to non www. redirect, and a caching mechanism. Although the common denominator here is Google Chrome.
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Tracy Perry

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I use Chrome on my Mac, and the only time I get prompted to the htaccess password is when I've first started it up. After that I've never had a problem.... and if there was one I'm pretty sure that with 3 live forums and 3 dev/test ones it would have shown up.
That was using OLS and nginx (the dev/test sites are still under OLS).

By the same token, my Windows 8.1 Surface Pro hasn't ever given me any problems either with Chrome, nor has my Windows 7 desktop.