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Admin Template xf:if explanation


Well-known member
In the ban edit admin template, there is this snippit:
            {xen:if {$bannedUser.user_reason}, '{xen:phrase reason}: <span class="muted">{$bannedUser.user_reason}</span>'}
            {xen:phrase ban_ends}: <span class="muted">{xen:if $bannedUser.end_date, {xen:datetime $bannedUser.end_date}, '{xen:phrase never}'}</span>
In the line here:
{xen:if $bannedUser.end_date, {xen:datetime $bannedUser.end_date}, '{xen:phrase never}'}
I'm extremely confused as to how that exactly works. Is it checking if $bannedUser.end_date is true?
Could someone be generous enough to explain that, I feel dumb :(