admin style properties doesnt update changes


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this is RC3 on local server wamp , when trying to change font type or size changes are not updated.

any one having same issue?


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I was having issues last night with style changes being made on my extra.css weren't taking into play, however it seemed to be working until about 2am last night, so I'm guessing my 2am on styling abilities took a turn for the worse. I'm going to try again tonight, but yes... some things didn't seem to update right. I'll do more testing.

Jake Bunce

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I had that problem one time a couple months ago. Restarting my browser fixed the problem. I haven't been able to reproduce the problem since. I use Firefox on a Mac.

And of course make sure you are viewing the same style you are editing if you are trying to view your changes.


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i was talking about the admin style properties for the admin control panel

when i do font type edit and hit the Update Style Properties botton my edits are not accepted and the input values just return to the old values as if i didnt edit any thing


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i had to modify the admin.css tamplate to change the font type and size for now