XF 1.3 Admin search tool does not work.


My search tool in the admin control panel is currently not working. I'm not really sure what could have caused it. The only Xenforo functionality that I remember changing is the avatar size.

It used to work, but it suddenly stopped working. As far as I can see, the problem is not caused by addons (tried disabling them all, no impact).

If I put my mouse over the text, it does change colour as it should. However, it does not work as a link and there is no magnifying glass next to it.

I tried inspecting the element. It does appear to still be a link. It does not work as one though.
<li class="separated Popup" id="AdminSearch">
<a rel="menu" class="PopupClosed" accesskey="f">Search</a>
There are no JavaScript errors.
There is one warning which is not relevant to XenForo.

These are not errors, but these appear in the console:
XenForo.init() 82ms. jQuery 1.11.0/1.2.8-dev
Event: AutoValidationDataReceived
Event: AutoValidationComplete
I don't think that they're anything to do with this problem though.


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Run the file health check to make sure everything has been uploaded properly.

If you are using something like CloudFlare, please disable it (or at least any optimization options).