XF 2.2 AddOn ID Restrictions


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Currently Add-on IDs are limited to letters, numbers and one /.

This does work fine in most cases, however we've run into one situation where this is somewhat problematic:
We keep all our adons under a company namespace and (iof necessary) create one Add-on per site.

In a few cases we've got some-forum.tld as well as someforum.tld.
If we leave out - and . characters and convert the remaining string to CamelCase both would end up as ID SomeForum.

Using IDs SomeForum and Someforum doesn't fully work either as this would not be compatible with Windows servers.

Is there any suggestion how to deal with this @Chris D ?

Ideally I think it should be possible to use _ as well, this way we could use IDs like SomeForum_Tld and Some_ForumTld