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Adding bulletpoints to pages


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I'm in the process of transferring my old site's pages onto the new Xenforo, and I've lost the bulletpoints' styling on the skins I have uploaded and the one I am working on. I'm not sure how to code it (I tried and had a bad result as it also affected the top links and didn't indent very well), so I'm asking here. The end look I'm after is shown with the attachment.

It's for use in pages and post content only so it'll need to be specific to that else I'll end up with an iffue submenu again XD Pages have the div style of "primaryContent" so it would probably need to just affect that and it would work for both (I think).

Thanks for the help. I know I must be bugging a few of you with all my "ahhh, help me!" topics.



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You need to use unordered lists, and add a class or ID to it, then use list-style-type: circle; on the list item (li).

xF resets the style for list items (<li>) to no styling.
Thanks :)

So if I add into the EXTRA.css:

ul.bulleta {
ul.bulletb {
ul.bulletc {
That'll sort out the bulletpoints' presence and I'll go edit the pages. How do I indent them? Each one should be further to the left than the one before.