Implemented Add Users Waiting to be Approved Notification


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Currently, the only way to know if you have users awaiting to be approved (new registrations requiring manual approval) is to check the acp (since there isnt email notification for admins). It would be nice if an alert could be seen at the top next to mod queue and reported items


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Here is a mock up of what I am talking about. I have to check my admin panel daily to see if there is anyone in the queue (since I dont get emails when a new member signs up or whatever), and if the notification was here, I wouldn't need to (plus all the other admins can see this and approve as well.....



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Even better could this appear in admin alerts as a red flag .... as well as appear in the moderator band. It's that important if you do manual approvals.

Would make a very useful small addon as it's a specialist interest.


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I made a small workaround - not at all what we really need but it helps a bit.
Using Jake Bunce nodes-as-tabs - you can see the link in my signature " Navbar Tab - Admin Favorites"
I added a link to my admin dropdown on the navbar.

<!-- Waiting Moderation -->
    <li><a href="{xen:link ''}" target="_blank">WAITING</a></li>
I placed it on the bottom of the links list so it's easiest to see and remember to check it.
Still an absolute pain to check it every day when there'll be only one or two registrations a month coming that way (not through me).


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Wouldn't mind seeing users awaiting approval to be thrown in with the normal moderation queue. Ultimately that's what they are... a moderated content type (users) that are waiting to be approved like all other moderated content types.


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Oh how we need this! Though this looks like low hanging fruit for an addon developer...


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I have an addon installed that sends me an email notify - but I can't remember who made it!
On my addons list it's called -
New Registration Email
add on ID:NRE 1.0


it needs some testing, once all tests are passed, it will be released here;)