Lack of interest Add suffix/ext to templates


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Please could we have a suffix for the templates or the extention as is done with the css templates? The reason I ask for this is that I like to be able to flick back and forth from one to the other (ie. only see .css files or .html files) and this seems to me to be the most logical solution. At present I can see only the CSS if I wish to do so, I simply type .css into the search bar, however I cant do this the other way around.

Another solution would possibly be to add a filter for css and non css files, or another search that is a 'not in' rather than 'in'. And to be honest this would probably be a better option if logical operators could be used such as "editor&form&.css" or "editor|form|.css"


You should use the webdav connection;)
Then you can sort them by extension, search for special templates using grep,etc...