XF 1.1 ad_below_content not displaying


I am trying to insert a simple banner add in the template - ad_below_content and am unable to get it to display.
Can anybody point out what I am doing wrong.. (the banner code was provided to me).

<a href="https://a.nc-software.com/aw.aspx?B=43&A=49&Task=Click" Target="_Top"><img border="0" src="https://a.nc-software.com/aw.aspx?B=43&A=49&Task=Get" alt="" width="468" height="60"></a>

Sometimes the box outline appears and remains and sometimes the box outline appears briefly then immediately disappears.
However, the resultant gif never displays within xf but does if I navigate manually to that link.

Either way - I'm lost as to what might be wrong with the above!

I can only get this to work by copying the gif file to my local images folder on my server and pointing to it directly from the src= statement.
Is there something incorrect in this statement src="https://a.nc-software.com/aw.aspx?B=43&A=49&Task=Get"?

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
It works on my forum. I used your code.

Maybe it's a browser issue or a problem with your custom style. Try creating a default style and then add the banner code.


I am using bog standard XF 1.1 - no add-ons and no customization at all. Browser is Firefox 8.0.

I just checked it in IE 8 and it does work.
So this seems to be some sort of incompatibility with Firefox.