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Access to "faceted" search please!


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Please add faceted search for the RM, Pages, Categories/nodes and prefixes. And if tags are added in the future please include faceted search for tags too.

XF already uses faceted search to display results for forum and members at the same time. We can see the same function being very effective in the admincp. It would be very effective in the front end as well.
Its quite weird that there are no faceted results for the RM and pages, while XF does display results for members separately.

The problem that many big boards have is that they have become a giant planet of dust and gas in which very little gold is found. This is a major weakness of forum software as a whole.
It would be awesome to have faceted search for categories, prefixes and tags. This would bring back the value that is buried deep within forums and threads. I think this should be part of the paid XenForo ES product. Having faceted search available would actually be a big selling point for XF.


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Is faceted search that little tag that will pop into a search bar sometimes after you search for a keyword? Like if I search on a cooking site and search for the word "pans", sometime "pans" will be a little tag in the search box and I can search again (and this tag is in there filtering my results), or I can X it out. Is that a facet? Is there a name for that tag thing?