A nice thanks


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I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person to notice this, but this whole community is just completely friendly and we all interact with one another. It could be that we all have one central interest: XenForo.

It's a change for me to come to a community and see everyone get along and actually spend time around mature people who have their priorities straight and want to help create an awesome product, have some general off-topic banter and enjoy themselves. I normally come across a bunch of trolls who just want to ruin the atmosphere in forums and sit provoking everyone.

Although XenForo is going to be a great invention for the internet, I think the community we have and the vast amounts of interest in this product is going to be a major factor when it comes to new people buying and modifying this product and I know that I'm appreciative of the community we have here.

Thanks guys and girls (and hermaphrodites, for anyone in that category) :)


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And there's an added bonus: people who join the community because they're thinking about buying the software will find out immediately how easy it is to use the board, and how it kind of propels you into posting simply because it's a fun and easy format. That has got to be a big plus for anyone looking for forum software. Because here's the thing about forum software that I think some outfits have forgotten over the years: the whole point of it is to get people talking.


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Great post.
I'd like to thank you, James and every one in this community.
Thanks everyone. :)