A friend needs a migration from vBulletin 3

Digital Doctor

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I just got wind of a site I frequent who is looking to migrate away from vB3.

Wordpress for a blog. vB3 for forums. Mediawiki for wiki. Amongst a host of other HTML pages.

I'm not sure how serious they are ... but they are looking at spruz .com as a platform.
I'm just signing up for the site ... but I really don't like it. The forums seem really boring. Of course I'd like to see him use Xenforo.

http://www.spr uz.com/?page=info

Alexa ranks his blog in the top 50,000 in the US.
The forum is 60,000 in the US.
[they are on different domains]

I'm trying to learn why he's looking around.

He's probably looking for more integration.

Any experience with Spr uz .com ?


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We'd be happy to help migrate him over. There's both a WordPress (paid) and a MediaWiki bridge to XenForo, so it ought to work out well for him in that perspective.


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I used to run a Wordpress site + vB 3 forum, now it's Wordpress + Xenforo, although I have zero integration (as I don't bother allowing comments on my articles and blog posts). I think the main reason to consider migration away from vB3 is that it's pretty old now. Although stable and fairly quick, communities are starting to get used to better facilities on other platforms especially media and image handling. vB3 is also a dead end, in that the only real update is vB4. Sorry that does not answer the actual question about spruz.com, but prior to moving to XF I did evaluate some of the more Wordpress integrated forums and they're all pretty low on features. Spruz, having just looked at it, doesn't look particularly amazing (really dislike the thread and post URLs which are a mass of hex!).

You also need to warn him that, assuming he wants to migrate all his vB content, he needs a forum that can import it all. XF was the best at this IMO, doing the whole import flawlessly.


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I did my own import from VB 3.8 and it was pretty straightforward.
I'm having a whirl with the Library addon for my Articles - static pages. Wordpress is also an option.

I'm finding users are really really happy and active on XF in a way they never were even with VB 3 at its best.

Digital Doctor

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He migrated to xenforo !
He updated his php and then decided against sticking with vB !
I hadn't even finished writing my Sales pitch.
I did say I thought xenforo was the only way to go.
But ...
What a great surprise ! :)