A few questions


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Hello everyone!

Can I just say, I think Xenforo is an absolute smasher of a forum software! Definitely beats the two everyone keeps recommending to me (Warning System, Dissuasion/Banning System and ability to mess around with the skin/theme without getting immediately coding savvy with new software were the big wins for me)!

Ok, So I have a few questions. It may take me a few months to settle into getting Xenforo, but the chances are incredibly high once some other priorities are out of the way :)

Q1. Is it possible to have the latest x amount of status updates on the index, preferably down the side? As well as x amount of latest blog posts, custom stuff by the admin (eg news update or linked image etc)?

Q2. The like links - is it possible to make it look more like a button in the CSS or the colour pallette thing?

Q3. I'll probably be moving a Zetaboards community to the Xenforo community. Will you be able to help with conversion?

Q4. I've never hosted before but will likely go with GoDaddy. Will you provide support if I need it for the initial set-up and such, and afterwards in relation to this particular area?

Q5. Any chance there is an account-linking feature or add-on/mod?

Q6. Is it possible to move the members and staffers online lists to the bottom of the site?

Thank you!

Chris D

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  1. Yes, there's a few ways to do this.
  2. Yes, that's possible.
  3. Are you intending to move posts and members across? Not sure if there's an importer, but people on the forums might know.
  4. There's support available on the forums.
  5. Account linking to what?
  6. Absolutely.
Keep the questions coming! :D


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Hey Yorick! Thanks for the response!

3. Yes. The board we're currently on has been up since 2009. We don't want to lose the history of the game since we moved to our current software (we're a forum-based fantasy roleplaying community).

5. Other accounts - sub-account mod it might be known as?

Thanks! I'll respond with any extra questions I think up :D


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4. I recommend to stay away from Godaddy's hosting. Their servers use custom configuration that messes up quite a lot of software packages, from my experience their support is limited to copy/pasting knowledge base articles without reading the whole ticket. I have moved 2 clients away from them so far.


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You need to use a crawler importer for Zetaboards. This one for phpBB3 should work, though I have not tested it. Then you can import from phpbb3 to Xenforo. Some things will most likely not carry over, like passwords.