A few questions


I am currently an IPB user of 7 years, I run quite a large forum. I'm not making the move yet but I am not impressed with a few changes they are making to the software and am considering it in the future.

I don't currently use a sidebar on my forum. Mainly because I don't like IPBs. But I had noticed forum stats and online users are in the sidebar on here, is there any way to move them to the bottom of the forum as I don't like them being there. That is my main gripe with XF.

Also, is it possible to have forum descriptions show normally instead of that pop up appearing when hovering over a forum.


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You would be able to move the stat's and remove the sidebar with some template edits.

Forum descriptions can be set to show all the time via a simple checkbox in the ACP.

There's an online demo here: http://xenforo.com/demo/