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10 cool websites no one really knows about

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http://typekit.com (Webfonts; free and paid)
http://www.google.com/webfonts (Webfonts; free)
http://kuler.adobe.com (Kuler swatch site)
http://behance.com (Similar to Dribbble)
http://axure.com ($650 and worth more to me than Photoshop in some ways)
http://creattica.com (Similar to Dribbble)
http://alistapart.com (Tutorials and industry information)
http://feedafever.com (Self-hosted Feed Aggregator by Shaun Inman)
http://haveamint.com (Self-hosted analytics by Shaun Inman)
http://icomoon.io (Icon Font / Icon Font Generator)
http://beta.typecastapp.com/ (Typography testing)
  1. http://0to255.com - Useful when you're too lazy to open Photoshop to find a companion colour for a gradient.
  2. http://weloveicons.com - Some good icons for web designs if you can find a set with a generous license
  3. http://kuler.adobe.com - Not that unknown, but I wish it weren't in Flash
  4. http://validator.w3.org - Also not that unknown, but not enough people use it. It points out any errors in your HTML
  5. http://sqlbuddy.com - A lighter/prettier alternative to phpMyAdmin. Lacks some features but you probably won't miss them for simple DB management.
I'll stop at 5 because I'm not enough of a hipster to come up with 10 :(
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