[1.1] Required Profile Field



We're able to create Required profile Fields.

IMO they aren't required!
It'S working nice for new registrations, BUT if i'm already registered and the admin creates the field i don't get any notice, i can still access the board without problems, i don't have ANY LIMITS...

Wouldn't it be better to add a second checkbox, so we can controll the level of "required" ???



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I've just made the same suggestion. When you have a massive user base and you want to leverage custom profile fields for marketing or demographic gathering purposes then it is essential for required fields to actually be required - whether the user is a new registrant or an existing member.

I cant see it would be too hard for xenForo to make some data integrity checks for this and redirect a user to fill in the fields should they be missing.

I strongly support this feature.


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Well if this is to force old users to complete a later added field, then it is an Essential function and would vastly improve xenforo's functionality.

@Kier @Mike - If we are rearranging the site to display more specific content based on user groups; we cannot force existing users to make a selection therefore not gain access to user group specific content, thus decreasing scalability and investment potential.
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