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notification service framework

  1. katsulynx

    [KL] Notification Service Framework (NSF) - Developer manual

    [KL] Notification Service Framework (NSF) - Developer manual Introduction This manual aims at providing you with all the necessary information to integrate your own 3rd party notification or messaging service with the NSF. If any open questions remain, please feel free to ask them in the...
  2. katsulynx

    Beta [KL] Telegram Bot (for NSF) 1.0.0 Beta 4

    [KL] Telegram Bot (for NSF) Description Configure your Telegram Bot to send user alerts to registered users via their Telegram accounts! Enter your Bot HTTP Token and Name in the ACP options and you're all set to go. Please note: This addon does require the [KL] Notification Service Framework...
  3. katsulynx

    [KL] Notification Service Framework (NSF) 1.0.0

    [KL] Notification Service Framework (NSF) Description A collection of services and functions that allow for easy 3rd party notification service integration. Please note: This add-on does not provide any useful standalone functionality. You will need to install at least one add-on specifically...