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ligh style

  1. Allan

    Unmaintained Jasper (With 6 colors)

    I present Jasper, a colorful style! This style was realized on the basis of our XenFracture Light style and Resurgent style. Slider Responsive is included now! (You can add up to 10 images that are displayed randomly, more information here) DEMO: Jasper Sapphire Jasper Brown Jasper Blue...
  2. Allan

    Unmaintained Smoothy with 6 colors now ! - ThemesCorp.com

    Smoothy is a very clear style, with an orange color tone that recalls as its name indicates the smoothy. ;) Slider Responsive is included now! DEMO: Smoothy (default) Smoothy Blue Smoothy Gray Smoothy Green Smoothy Pink Smoothy Purple Now, with 6 colors! You can change the color quickly...